Cheap Car Hire Bordeaux

Cheap car hire Bordeaux is a great way to see some of the incredible attractions in and around the city. You can see the border of the river and also drive right across the bridge to Les Quais. Another great place with close proximity to Bordeaux is La Victorie and Jardin Botanique. Exploring these nearby attractions will be easier and more comfortable when you decide to use a cheap car hire Bordeaux. Renting a car from Right Car Hire has never been easier as you can easily make reservations online. Opt for a cheap car hire today and explore all that Bordeaux has to offer on your own terms.

Bordeaux Wine Tasting Tours

Located in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is synonymous with spectacular vineyard boasting several acres of vineyards. The city has also gained reputation for being the region’s wine capital for several hundreds of years. Bordeaux plays host to the main fair in the world, Vinexpo. With millions of wine bottles produced annually, Bordeaux is proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Things not to miss

Bordeaux is an incredible city with plenty of things to do and see. Some of the great things worth doing include visiting the Maison du Vin de Bordeauz, located near the Golden Triangle and take a two hour wine tasting course. Explore the Le Passahe Saint Michel for some of the great works of arts and renaissance pieces dating back to the mid 20th century. For food enthusiasts, check out the tasty dishes colourfully prepared using the finest ingredients at La Tupiña. The Fleche St Michel tower, one of the country’s tallest medieval stone towers located at the historic city centre is also a place not to miss out on visiting.

Best time to go

The best time to enjoy a remarkable vacation while in Bordeaux is from June to August. At this time of the year, plenty of local visitors and international travelers flock to the city to explore its many attractions. If you do not like the crowd and would rather prefer a quieter vacation period at the most affordable rates, then spring and autumn is most definably the best time to visit. Visiting Bordeaux during December is also a wise decision as you will see the streets, markets and several attractions colourfully lit and designed in preparation for Christmas celebration. Regardless of the season, you will most like get some rainfall in the city.

Bordeaux wine tours

When planning a vacation in France, you want to have a firsthand experience of the amazing Bordeaux wine tours. Renowned for being one of the world’s best wine producers, Bordeaux is home to several vineyards, which draws lots of wine enthusiasts with the penchant of learning more about how they are produced. Book a wine tasting tour in Bordeaux and sample the traditional full-bodied red wines alongside sweet white wines. There are varied options to choose from when it comes to Bordeaux wine tours including the harvest tours for those new to wine tasting; and the bicycle wine tour, which offers participant the chance of enjoying the best Bordeaux has to offer in a more relaxed way while riding on a bicycle to some of the most popular wineries in the city.


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