Malaga is the autonomous community of Andalusia and one of the largest cities in Spain. The city is the capital of the Malaga province, making it one of the most prominent cities in the beautiful country of Spain. Renowned for its natural beauty, sparkling waters and scenic landscape, Malaga features a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Located on the southern part of Spain, Malaga is one of the hottest travel destinations that attracts millions of tourist annually.

Traveling around Malaga

The busiest time of the year to visit Malaga is during summer months. If you are planning to travel to Malaga during summer months, then you should book for your accommodation, flights and car hire ahead of time. If you’d like to opt for a car rental in Malaga, you should know that there are just few car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz or Europcar etc., at Malaga airport. Car hire services are affordable, easy and a convenient way of exploring the beautiful city of Malaga. If you would like to discover Spain’s hidden gem make sure to hire a car in Malaga as this is the best way of traveling around the city. You’ll find lots of cheap car hire services at Malaga airport online.


Malaga is worth visiting all year round. The city enjoys an average of 330 days of sunshine annually. Malaga features an average temperature of 22°C, making it a top destination for great water sport activities all year round. Summer months beginning from April to November are extremely hot while winter months are mild and calm. The lush mountains in Malaga makes winter months the warmest. Malaga is one of the most beautiful cities which stays green all year round.

Nightlife and dining

For revelers and party lovers, night life in Malaga is one of the best in Europe. The beautiful climate ensures everyone enjoys the most memorable moment of their lives. There are plenty of beautiful night clubs, bars, pubs and other entertainment venues where local visitors and tourists alike can experience massive fun and excitement. The city is also home to lots of incredible restaurant where people can enjoy a fine dining experience. Due to its close proximity to the sea, Malaga offers the best of seafood and some unique dishes that one can hardly come by elsewhere. Some of the best restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger for delicious dishes include El Caleno, Cañadú and the La Reserva 12 while top nightlife spots to party all night long include Discoteca Andén and Liceo. Regardless of what you are looking for be it trendy nightlife spot or exotic restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.


Tourism is one of the major sources of revenue for Malaga. Other sectors include construction, technology services, transport and logistic. Malaga is fast becoming one of the major financial and economic center of the southern region of Spain after Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. Home to the largest bank in Spain Unicaja, Malaga is one of the liveliest cities in Spain with bustling economic activities.


Malaga is considered a shoppers paradise because it offers plenty of incredible shopping activities. It is a place to satisfy every of your material desires. In recent years, shopping activities in Malaga has been on the increase and plenty of modern shopping centers has been coming up. Malaga’s shopping is an amazing combination of traditional artefacts and trendy international brands. Asides shopping, there are also great entertainment venues for all family member. Malaga features lots of shopping centers ranging from restaurants, cinema theaters, bars and other consumer oriented facilities.


Malaga is home to over 500,000 people and it keeps increasing daily as the city welcomes a large number of visitors due to its natural beauty and touristic charm. Malaga residents are friendly, warm and hospitable. One of the major festivals that locals cherish and mostly celebrated is the Malaga Fair in mid- August.


Malaga celebrates a lot of cultural events and festivals. Malaga carnival is one of the biggest festivals in Spain and it features several musical activities and events tailored for kids. Colorful costumes, great parades and costume contest all makes the Malaga Carnival an event not to miss out on. The Malaga carnival calendar starts at least a month before Shrove Tuesday with several wonderful events taking place as they near the actual carnival dates. Another great event that takes place in Malaga is the Procesion De Los Reyes which takes place in January annually.


Located on the Andalusia coast, Malaga has close proximity to several touristic cities included Marbella (60 km), Seville (219 km) and Madrid (573km). Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain and it is about 100 km east of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Best time to visit Malaga

Malaga is worth visiting all year round, thus making anytime the best time to go. However, the most popular months to visit Malaga are June, July and August. During this time, the city welcomes thousands of people beginning from June through the end of August. This is considered the best time to explore the white sand beaches, laze in the sun, enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife and mild evening temperatures.


Located about 8 km southwest of the city is the Malaga Airport. It is the country’s third largest international airport offering both domestic and international flights to several cities and countries worldwide. Due to its varied transport options including train, buses and taxis, access to the city center has never been easier. There are lots of car rental companies at the airport that offer reliable, convenient services to travelers who wants to hire a car. Malaga airport caters to hundreds of thousands of passengers flying in and out of the city. Some of the airlines that operate from the airport include British Airways, Delta Air Lines, easyJet, First Choice Airways, amongst others. Travelers can pick up several amazing items from stores or shops before leaving the airport. Some of the items sold at the airport include jewelry, toys, confectionary and electronics.