Car Hire in Horsens

Located about 50 minutes from the international airport, Horsens offers plenty of transport options for travelers including train, taxis, local bus, cars and even bicycle. If you are visiting from neighboring European cities, visitors can easily access the city by ferry.

By booking a car hire in Horsens, you can easily get all you need to get your dream vacation off the ground. With Right Car Hire in Horsens, you have the opportunity of renting the ideal car rental for your vacation to see you on your way. There are so many attractions in Horsens here you can enjoy the most of your time in Denmark. However, one of the best ways of exploring the city in your own convenience and at your own schedule is by renting a car. If you are on a business trip to Horsens, then by all means, drive to impress by pulling up to a meeting in one of the classiest car brands. With your cheap car rental, you can easily visit top attractions located on the outskirt of Horsens at your own schedule. Rent a car from Right Car Hire in Horsens on your next trip and enjoy the most memorable driving experience.

Located in the east Jutland, Denmark, Horsens is home to a population of more than 50,000 people. the city is surrounded by valleys and glaciers. Due to its close proximity to top destinations such as Copenhagen, Aarhus and Vejle, this city features plenty of agriculture, textile, electronics and steel industries. Considered a hub of commerce, trade and economics, Horsens offers visitors the chance to catch stunning views beautiful landscape, amazing museum and historical sites. the city also host a large number of tourists annually due to its cultural events and festivals which features of internationally renowned artists. Some of the artists that have performed here include Jose Carrera, The Beach Boys, sand many more. Regardless of your budget, there’s always something on offer for everyone.


Known as a small town of unique culture that dates back to the 15th century where beautiful monasteries and churches. Visitors from all over the globe visit Horsens just to admire the Old World which has been preserved in several buildings in the city centre. One of the must visit places include the Bygholm Castle constructed in the early 14th century. Among popular tourist destinations to visit as well include the Borgergade Church built in the 13th century, and the Kunstmuseum, making it one of the best places to learn more about the country’s rich historical past. There are also several historical sites that draws large number of tourist annually.


Hotel Opus Horsens is considered by many as the most acclaimed hotel accommodation in Horsens. No matter the type of accommodation you desire, Horsens offers some great accommodation options for everyone, including budget travelers, luxury travelers and business travelers. Each hotel in Horsens are fully equipped with advanced amenities to make your stay a memorable one.


Are you looking for the best place to eat? There are plenty of restaurants scattered all over the city. Enjoy great tasting, locally prepared meal from any of the restaurants. For being an advanced city, Horsens caters to the need of every tourist no matter their preference. Eating out in Horsens is far more than the food alone and is highly influenced by the warm atmosphere.


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