Faroe Islands

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Faroe Islands, a beautiful and proudly unspoiled country, is fast becoming one of the top tourist destinations of sorts. The Faroe Islands, which is a part of the Danish realm, was voted number 1 among 111 islands for sustainability by National Geographic Traveller magazine. Home to a population of about 50,000 people, the Faroe Islands offers visitors great views of breath-taking landscapes of rolling green pastures. Quaint villages, lovely structures with traditional grass roots, great accommodation, friendly people and exotic restaurants make the Faroe Islands a great place to visit. It is believed that the Faroese people descended from Vikings who settled the islands in the 9th century.


Faroese weather is unpredictable and it’s advisable to be a step ahead and take raingear with you wherever you go. It is possible to experience all four season in a day during your stay in the Faroe Islands. The weather can suddenly turn from being sunny and warm to dark clouds and within a short time it’s pouring with rain. If the weather changes suddenly, you can become stranded with no choice but to stay put wherever you are. Be always prepared!

When to visit

Summer is, without doubt, the best time of the year to visit the Faroe Islands. From May to June, when the evenings are light alongside stable weather, this exotic destination is always seen at its best: beautiful flowers, clear blue skies, sparkling waterfalls and different species of birds. Another time of the year to visit is between August and September when the days are pleasantly warm. September is that time of the year to enjoy the islands best as a large number of tourists have returned back to their home country. It is a perfect time to experience fun filled hiking activities and experience the beautiful nature of the Faroe Islands totally undisturbed. Autumn and winter are not too pleasant to visit the Faroese as there’s plenty of rainfall and wind at this time of the year.


Asides Torshavn , the capital city, finding an amazing place to stay can sometime be difficult. It is best to check with the local tourists office to get updates on the latest situation. In the capital, there are plenty of options including guesthouses, private homes and youth hostels. However, if you are considering a place to stay when vacationing here, the best value for money options are guesthouses.

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