Car Hire in Esjberg

Esjberg is an intriguing place to visit as it features beautiful landscape, great food and unique culture worth exploring. If you are planning on renting a car, Esbjerg will reward you with some of the most incredible tourist attractions you’ve ever come across your entire life. This beautiful city boasts some of the loveliest landscapes in the world and booking a car rental offers you the chance to discover all that the city has to offer. Esbjerg car hire from Right Car Hire is popular with visitors and you can easily pick up your car from the moment you arrived at the airport in Esbjerg. Asides the airport, there are also strategic locations downtown where you can easily pick up your car. By making reservations in advance, then you can save yourself a lot of money. With a cheap car hire Esbjerg, you have the flexibility to explore the city on your own schedule.

Located in Jutland, Esbjerg is the fifth largest city in Denmark with a population of about 90,000 people. Once known as the biggest fishing market in Denmark, the city of Esbjerg is an economic driving force in the country. Most tourist to Denmark overlooks the city and would rather visit other destinations. Esbjerg is mainly visited by tourists who decided to stay in one of the Danish summer homes in the city or by those who come into the city via the Esbjerg Airport,, otherwise known as Esbjerg Lufthavn. It might interest you to know that the city has a good number of interesting attractions worth visiting.


Esbjerg features friendly weather all year round. Most rainy days are in January and from August to December. The best time of the year to experience least rainfall in Esbjerg is in May.


Art scene in Esbjerg is one of the best you can ever find in Denmark. There are hundreds of place to learn more about the rich historical past and unique culture of Esbjerg. Some of the places include
Resistance –Esbjerg Ribe Bramming, here you will find lots of temporary exhibitions that says a lot about resistance and sabotage in South West Jutland dating back to the period of German occupation; the Scandinavian Route is a museum where you can learn more about the story of the ferry that has carried hundreds of thousands of Danish locals to England as well as plenty of Danish bacon to the British breakfast tables.


Esbjerg offers some great options for shopping activities centered around two major shopping streets in the city. The first is the Kongensgade, which is a popular pedestrianized shopping street with over 140 shops and restaurants. While the second shopping district is the Torvegade, partly pedestrianized, and full of several exotic shops and stores selling great gift items and souvenirs. Considered the biggest shopping area on the western part of Jutland, Esbjerg is a place to find over 200 specialized shops, shopping centers and department stores. Majority of these shops are beautifully located in a friendly environment.

Esbjerg is home to Denmark’s largest fishery harbour, and visitors will be enticed by the overpowering smell of fish here. Do not miss out on having a taste of freshly prepared seafood before leaving Esbjerg. No place can be more entertaining and lively in Denmark than Esbjerg.

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