Rental Cars in Bornholm

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Most travelers to Denmark have never for once heard of Bornholm, and just a few of them have traveled by ferry from Copenhagen to island’s capital of Ronne. However, it is a big shame because Bornholm is a great vacation destination in the Baltic Sea. The city attracts tourists annually to come explore and discover. Located on the southeast of Copenhagen, just above the southern tip of Sweden. Bornholm is mostly visited by Danish, Swedish and German tourists.


Located about 150 km from Copenhagen, Bornholm is a small town with great features. You can possible drive around the coastline which is about 141 km in total in a few hours. The northern part is a place to find the same bedrock just as they are in Sweden and Finland, while parts of the southern region have similitude the beaches in Denmark. On the northern part are sand dunes.

Tourist Activities

There are plenty of tourist activities in Bornholm including hiking, swimming, sightseeing, horseback riding, golf, windsurfing and so much more. Here you will also find a small, lovely, old-fashioned amusement park that offers great activities for everyone regardless of your age. Bornholm is such amazing city that you can’t stop exploring as there are countless things to do and see. Walk around and take stunning pictures of people, boats in fishing harbour, rock carvings and much more.


If you are an artist, then it is highly recommended to come with your sketch pad. There are plenty of things that will keep you busy all through your stay here ranging from ancient ruins to historical monuments and modern lighthouses to medieval church.

Reaching Bornholm

Getting to Bornholm is easy as you can take a flight from your destination to Ronne. However the best and fun filled way of reaching this incredible destination is by overnight ferry which takes off from Copenhagen. If you will be visiting from Sweden, then you can take your ferry trip between Ystad and Ronne. This trip will take between 1½ to 2½ hours.


Home to a population of just 45,000 inhabitants scattered all over the island, Bornholm is a small town with great accommodation options. There are different accommodation option that suit the taste of everyone depending on their budget. Types of accommodation to find here include holiday apartments, luxury hotels and beach cottages. You’ll most definitely enjoy your stay in any of the hotel accommodation option.

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