Car Rental Aalborg

Aalborg has a good bus systems that covers popular areas of the city centre at an affordable price. Most of the attractions are located few kilometres from each other thus making walking on foot a favourite option among locals and tourists. Visitors can also navigate the city centre using the bicycle-sharing initiative in Aalborg. Are you looking to explore the city on your own? You can hire a car from any of the car rental companies the city has to offer. Driving around the city is pleasant and fun.

Car rental from Right Car Hire in Aalborg is stress-free and easy. Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark and it is home to dozens of incredible attractions which makes it an ideal vacation spot. Exploring the beautiful countryside in your car rental is one of the most convenient ways of getting around in Aalborg. Take a drive in style to the magnificent Hals Museum, which features several impressive artworks and artefacts. For history buff, visit the Lindholm Hoje, an archaeological site where you will see loads of ancient settlements and burial sites which dates far back to the Viking Age and the Germanic Age. There are lots of fascinating places to visit in Aalborg. With a cheap car rental from Right Car Hire, which comes with unlimited mileage and additional drivers upon request, you can relax and enjoy you a scenic drive around this beautiful city in Denmark.

Aalborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark dating back to around the year 1040. Home to an estimated number of 200,000 people, Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark. It is an active city of commerce, production and service. Over the past few years, there have been major development within the IT, education and research sectors. Aalborg features a well-developed cultural life including music, events and concerts. The city centre boasts vibrant streets and squares, a wider range of exotic shops, restaurants, cafés and bars.

Aalborg Walking Tour

Take a walking tour around Aalborg and discover the natural beauty of Aalborg. Start your tour from the Jens Bang’s House, one of the real treasures of Aalborg. This incredible places has five floors, making it the largest Renaissance private home in Scandinavia. Stroll past the beautiful baroque-style Town Hall and then visit Budolfi Cathedral to explore and admire its magnificently designed interior. Afterwards, visit the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, one of the city’s most visited attractions and the country’s social institution, to explore an impressive collection of frescoes dating back to the early 16th century. Another must visit attraction is the Aalborghus Castle on the waterfront. Check out its fascinating dungeons and underground.


Aalborg has several amazing shopping centres that attracts shopaholics from different parts of the world. Markets, small stores, boutique stores and designer shops are scattered all over the city centre. Aalborg is one of the best places to shop till you drop.


Danish currency is the Krone (DKK), which comprises of 100 ore. There are ATM centres scattered all over the city of Aalborg, and all major credit cards are widely accepted, especially Visa. Most banks in Aalborg do not open for service on weekends, but there are lots of bureaux de change offering great services every day of the week.

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