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Traveling by air to Denmark is easy and convenient for all. Most Danish cities are well connected through air. Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport is one of the most efficient airports in Denmark. Located few kilometers from the capital city, Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport is the largest airport in the country. The airport is served by several airlines such as Danish Air transport, easyjet, Lufthansa, KLM Dutch Airlines, British Airways, amongst others. The airport is well connected by public transports like taxis, buses, car rentals and ferries. It is one of the busiest airports in Denmark used by millions of travelers annually. Another important airport is Aarhus Tirstrup Airport. The airport comes fully equipped with several facilities such as restaurants, ATMs and much more.

Located in northern Europe, Denmark is the smallest of all three Scandinavia countries. Denmark consists of Greenland and Faroe Islands but are considered sovereign nations. The country also boast of an archipelago of over 400 islands of which 72 are inhabited, with the exception of the peninsula, Jutland. Over half the land mass of the country is farmland, while the rest consist of woodland, and roads. The country’s official language is Danish. Other major language spoken by people include English, German, Swedish and Norwegian.


Denmark is home to an estimated number of 5 million inhabitant, with Copenhagen, the capital city, having one-quarter of the population, approximately 1.3 inhabitants.


The weather in Denmark is fascinating and unpredictable. Winters are generally wet with temperatures ranging from -5 to -15°C. Summer months are warm with a temperature ranging from 15-25°C. Locals spend most time of the year indoor due to long periods of chilly weather and rain.


Denmark is one of the finest countries in the world with a very high standard of living. The country’s major export partners are Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The major sectors of the economy include ICT, natural gas and biotechnology. Denmark also has one of the lowest unemployment rate.


Getting around Denmark is very easy. With world class bus companies and rail system, traveling to major cities within the country is relaxing and comfortable. The country boast of a well-developed transport infrastructure including Danish rail, DSB operating along major routes all over the country. Copenhagen boast of a fascinating subway, the Metro, with just two lines and a new one to open in 2018. One of the major transport options in the country is motorbikes, used by majority of its citizen for everyday commuting. If you are opportune to visit one of Denmark’s high school, you will find out that a large number of students go to school on their personal bikes. If you’d like to ride on a bike, there are plenty of bike rental companies scattered all over the country.


Denmark is home to some of the world’s most fascination attractions and monuments. Great attractions worth visiting include the National Gallery of Denmark, the Tivoli Gardens and Amalienborg ( the Queen’s castle).

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