Car Hire Cyprus

Perhaps one of the best ways to see all that Cyprus has to offers conveniently is to travel in you cheap car rental. Booking a car is highly recommended if you are looking to explore the many different attractions on the island. Book with Right Car Hire today for your cheap car rental and enjoy a complete rental package including full insurance, free car accessories, reliable service and much more. Right Car Hire’s car rental is one of the most affordable, offering customers the chance to save more on things such as food, and excursions. Public transport in Cyprus can be unpredictable, and this makes hiring a car the best options to visitors who want to enjoy every moment here. If you are looking to explore some of the difficult to access regions and attractions such as secluded beaches, monuments and museums of this attractive island nation, then you should consider hiring a car.

Plan your Cyprus vacation – An Island of mesmerizing beauty

Featuring rich cultural heritage and colorful history, Cyprus is one of the most visited travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Due to its calm nature, serene atmosphere, pleasant weather, affordability and healthy lifestyle, Cyprus is home to a lot of expatriates who has chosen to retire on this beautiful island nation. As the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus offers visitors the chance to experience one of the most memorable vacation ever. Well known for its stunning beach resort, hospitable locals, lush mountains and world class attractions, Cyprus has turned out to be a popular choice of island for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers annually.


The people of Cyprus are friendly, hospitable and willing to help strangers in times of trouble. Cyprus is an island with an amazingly colorful history where you can find a vast array of Greek and Roman ruins. Featuring a rich culture with strong influences from Turkey and neighboring countries, Cyprus has something for everyone especially the art and culture lovers.


Cyprus is home to several lovely restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines at the most affordable rates when compared to other destinations in the Mediterranean. This beautiful island nation’s restaurants are of high quality with low prices and eating in one of the many restaurants offers you the chance to experience the local fare. Regardless of your taste bud, restaurants in Cyprus will satisfy you to the brim with their delectable food. There are lots of colorful seafood and European food available here. Resorts all over the island houses restaurants that serves genuine Cypriot food and budget friendly, great tasting international food.


Since it became a member of European Union in 2004, Cyprus has received a lot of travelers looking to relax and unwind in its splendors. Well known as one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Cyprus features a Mediterranean climate, as it offers an average of 340 days of sunshine a year, dry summers and mild winters. Holidaying in Cyprus is definitely something everyone should not miss out on.


Stretching about 3,572 square miles and 403 miles coastline, Cyprus features pine-forested mountains, historical attractions and some of the most pristine beaches in Europe. Bordered to the west by Syria, to the south by Turkey and to the north by Egypt, Cyprus is considered a country of dramatic contrast.