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Get charmed by its ancestral style

Home to great fauna, flora, weather and impressive landscape, the province of Quebec is home to 21 tourists regions that invite you to explore their unique, spectacular characters. Quebec features charm, and splendor, making it a popular tourist destination for tourists of all kinds. Get ready for matchless moments on this unique destination with everything that will make your trip the most memorable ever. If you are looking to enjoy a stress free vacation, you should pre-book a cheap car rental in Quebec. By renting a car, moving around and exploring world class attractions will be easy and stress free. A car hire offers you the chance to visit the markets and go wherever at your own convenience and schedule.

QuebecWhat not to miss

If you are planning a trip to Quebec City and unsure of the things to do or places to visit, we got you covered. Scattered all around the city are captivating attractions including the Old Town which houses 400 years old stone buildings and walls; the Place D’Youville home to one of the most beautiful ice rinks in the world; Quebec’s Museum of Civilization featuring great collection of artworks. There are also great festivals celebrated all year round  and its beautiful winter that brings such great snow makes Quebec a must visit for winter sport lovers. Other places that shouldn’t be missed include the Citadel of Quebec, Musee National des Beaux-Arts and the Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site.


Summer months (July and August) are usually hot but usually accompanied by humidity. This tourist season attracts the highest number of visitors. Autumn and Spring are pleasant, and winters are extremely cold. For those looking to visit Quebec City regardless of the weather conditions will, however, find winter a perfect time to enjoy a quieter, fun filled vacation experience. One of the festivals that’s a must experience for all is the Winter Carnival, which is celebrated to usher in the lovely winter season.

What to wear

When visiting Quebec during summer, it is recommended to pack lightweight, warmer clothes which will prove to be useful in the latter hours of the day. Medium weight clothing are just perfect for autumn and spring while warm clothing will help keep your body warm from the chilly winter weather.


Located in the eastern region of Canada, Quebec has its coasts on the North Atlantic and Hudson and James Bays.


For the most incredible shopping experience, Quebec is home of one of the finest shopping facilities in Canada both in small street markets and large department stores. Some of the specialties you can find here include haute couture, specialist fashion boutiques, Native American crafts amongst others. places not to miss out on for a great shopping experience in Quebec include Petit Champlain Street, a narrow, cobblestone streets, featuring one of North America’s oldest shopping streets. Another place worth visiting is Tresor Street where you’ll find loads of art galleries and street caricaturists.

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