Car Hire Ostend

A Place for Pleasure Seeking Trippers

Ostend, sometimes referred to as the City by the Sea, is home to delightful sandy beaches which is just perfect for a refreshing dip, scuba diving and sunbathing. After lazing in the sun, take an enjoyable walk down the promenade where there exists a good number of exotic restaurants, bars, and shops. Ostend is a cosmopolitan city with a beautiful harbour, an airport and many different accommodation options to suit all kinds of budget. With so many place to see and lovely things to do, visitors will be spoilt for choice. However, if you are looking to get the most of your trip and enjoy the most unforgettable vacation experience ever, you should opt for a cheap car rental. Despite its many accessible transport options, a cheap car rental in Ostend is your surest way of enjoying all that the city has to offer in a comfortable and stress free manner. There are lots of activities taking place all year round. Some of the highlights include Theatre by the Sea, Magic Lights in the Park, Oostende at Anchor, Carnival week-end with the renowned Dead Rat Ball and so much more.


One of the reasons why most people visit Oostende asides its fascinating attractions and pleasant atmosphere is its gastronomy. There is no better place to enjoy the freshest and most pleasant seafood than on the seaside. Ostend is home to several restaurants, ranging from exclusive hot spots to cosy bistros, so regardless of your taste and budget there is always something for everyone. Some of the must-taste delicacies include shrimp croquettes, Dover Sole, and tomato filled with shrimps. For revelers, there is plenty of things to keep you entertained and going all night long including theatres, clubs, bars and pubs.

Getting there and getting about

One of the easiest ways of getting into the city is by taking a direct train from Brussels. Another great way is to drive through the Chunnel, more so, with a quality cheap car rental. For international travelers, you can also book a domestic flight to Ostend airport. Once there, a cheap car rental Ostend is the simplest way to get around. Take a drive through the coastal city and explore further afield, places where regular tourists never dreamt of visiting. Discover the hidden gems of Ostend and enjoy the best on offer by hiring a cheap car rental


Ostend is home to an array of accommodation options. No matter your budget, there is something to suit everyone including hotels, hostels, guesthouses and B&B’s. Just like most coastal resorts, Ostend is renowned for being home to a wide range of villas and vacation rental properties for your convenience. During summer, the city welcomes several thousands of tourists which make accommodation scarce and a bit expensive for budget travelers. It is however advisable to visit Ostend during off peak periods for a chance to find cheap accommodation option and enjoy all that the city has to offer as cheaply as possible.

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