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Mons – Explore Great Religious Historical Attractions in Belgium

Mons is a town rich in tradition and culture, which is mostly evident in its celebration of “Lumeçon” and “Le Car d’Or”. At some point in Van Gogh’s lifetime, he stayed in this peaceful town before relocating to Provence and for those that would like to delve deep into the life of this world renowned artist, you can as well pay a visit to the house which he lived. With a discount car rental, visitors to Mons can visit some of the unique attractions within the city and its surrounding environment. These places are well worth visiting but will be considered a more pleasant experience when you book a discount car rental in Mons. With a car hire, getting around Mons will be the most convenient and stress free.

Renowned for being the capital of the province of Hainaut, Mons, is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. Featuring extraordinary architectures, friendly locals, clean streets and pleasant atmosphere, Mon is a place not to miss out on visiting for those planning their next vacation to Belgium.

MonsAround Mons

Located 2 km south east of the city centers is the Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes, proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These mines are considered the largest, stretching over 100 ha, and the oldest, dating back about 6,000 years old, in Europe. With a discount car rental, exploring these magnificent, ancient mines has never been easier. History has it that the mines were first dug by Neolithic farmers who migrated from the Near East through Greece and the Danube Valley several thousands of years back. If you are planning on exploring this ancient site, then you should plan on visiting from March to November. It is however opened during this time of the year on Sundays ONLY from 10 am to 4 pm. So pick up a discount car rental Mons, and head down to these incredible mines at your own pace for a memorable vacation experience.

Getting there

Unlike few cities in Belgium including Leuven, Mons is one of the most car friendly cities in Belgium. There are lots of free parking lots in the city. Though small in size, Mons is best explored in your cheap car rental.

Things to see

Some of the top attractions in the city include St Waltrude’ Collegiate Church. This beautiful attraction took over 200 years to complete from 1450 – 1686. The church features religious books, paintings, sculptures and artworks done by popular goldsmiths all dating from the 7th to 19th century. The church is open to visitors all year round. Mons, however, is more of a place filled with historic buildings for pilgrims such as chapels, churches or convents. Despites being home to several religious buildings, the city still boast of Hotel de Ville (town Hall) which dates back to the 15th century and the Beffroi (belfry) standing at about 87m from ground level and built in 1661. The belfry is renowned for being the only baroque style belltower in the country today, hence listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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