Car Rental Brussels

Are you planning a trip to Brussels, the home of the European Union? If yes, then you probably need to book a cheap car rental from Right Car Hire. Whether you are visiting Brussels for business or for pleasure, the best and most convenient way of getting around is by renting a car. There is plenty of great attractions to explore here including magnificent museums, exotic restaurants, amazing shopping centers and luxury hotels. Brussels has something on offer for everyone. Take a drive around the different districts of the city, explore its many attractions and don’t miss out on the remarkable shopping experience.  With your car rental, you can also go further off to the Sonian Forest. Regardless of your plans for visiting this modern city, explore in comfort and style with a cheap car hire from Right Car Hire.

If you are thinking of most popular destinations to visit in Europe, Brussels may not spring in your mind, but it will be surprising to know that this city doesn’t disappoint. In recent years, the tourism industry has improved thus increasing the number of tourist visiting annually. Access to the city is easy as Brussels offers several transport options. For international visitors, flights to Brussels from many different cities across the world including London, Paris and New York are plentiful.


Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is home to friendly, welcoming people. Renowned as a popular tourist destination, Brussels welcomes millions of tourists and business traveller annually. Brussels has a population of over 1.5 million people. Much of its history about the people, and the development of the city can be found in its many museums. The city is also a perfect place for businessmen and bureaucrats


This vibrant city is rich in many world class attraction including cultural and tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, parks and shopping centers. However, your trip to Brussels will be considered incomplete without visiting any of the top attractions. Grand Place-Grote Market is a fascinating place where you will find welcoming people, musical performances and magnificently designed structures. Anderlecht Beguingage is one of the most visited museums in the city. There is a garden nearby where guest can enjoy a relaxing time after exploring the museum. Another place not to miss out on visiting is the Manneken Pis a magnificent statue of historic significance.

Shopping Dining and Entertainment

Upon visiting this modern city, you will find plenty of incredible and amazing stores selling great items ranging from jewelry, clothing, bag, and much more. It is a great place to visit especially for shopaholics. There are also great places where you can enjoy great dining experience. Restaurants in Brussels offers both local and international cuisine. Your visit to Brussels will be incomplete without having a taste of tasty chocolate, steamed mussels and great tasting wine and beers. Asides shopping and dining, there are also plenty of entertaining activities to enjoy here. Night clubs, bars and theaters makes the nightlife entertaining and fun filed.


Brussels features one of the most pleasant climates in the world. The city is characterized by warm summers with an average temperature of 80 degrees (F) and mild winter with an average temperature of 35 degrees (F). There is a constant rainfall annually throughout the year. The best time of the year to visit Brussels is from March to May and September to October. If you are looking for a perfect destination to enjoy your vacation, the best place to be is Brussels.


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