Car Rental in Belgium

If you are planning to visit some of the top attractions the country has to offer including breweries, then you need to have your own car. This affords you the chance to get the most of your trip in the country. Booking a cheap car rental Belgium for your trip in the country guarantees safety, convenience and a stress-free way of exploring the country on your own terms. For the fact that a lot of the destinations are a bit off the beaten path, there is no better transport option than using a cheap car rental for getting around. If you want to have a taste of Belgian drinks to a large extent, Right Car Hire will do you the favor of providing a driver for your car rental, which, fortunately, is not as expensive as you think it might be. Using public transport is a bit convenient but it is time consuming. With a car rental from Right Car Hire, your trip to Belgium will be the pleasantest ever.


Despite its small size, Belgium has plenty of attractions to cater to the needs of tourists from medieval cities and abbeys where you will find monk owned breweries and forested hill. Brussels is one of the cities of great significance in Belgium featuring vibrant atmosphere, and unique culture. With around 1 million people, the city was home to a whole lot of famous people including Georges Remi, Victor Horta, and Rene Magritte. Belgium’s major cities are packed with world class restaurants, lovely arts, cobbled streets and scenic landscape.

What to do

Belgium features some of the fines cuisine in the whole of Europe including high quality beer, great tasting chocolates and tasty French fries. Most of the town squares in the country features warm brick gables and soaring spires. For a chance to learn more about the country’s unique culture and rich historical past, you should consider visiting one of the museums which houses great paintings, art works and architectural designs.
Where to stay

One of the things to consider when traveling ro Belgium is where to stay. Though, Belgium is small but it offers plenty of amazing accommodation options to choose from. One of the best places that offers great accommodation for visitors is Brussels. These hotels are strategically located within the city that you won’t have to go through traffic when you are about going out in the early hours of the day or at night. If you don’t feel like driving the whole trip, it is advisable to stay in downtown Brussels and book a car rental for specific trips.

Getting in

If you really are keen on visiting Belgium, there are different airlines that offer direct flights to Belgium such as Brussels Airline, British Airways, easyJet, America Airlines, United and Delta Airlines. Flights to Belgium are cheap but in order to get the cheapest flight fare you should consider buying your flight tickets in advance. Some of the nation’s top airport include Brussels Airport, located about 8 miles northeast of central Brussels and features several facilities including shops, ATM, and Bank; Antwerp International Airport located about 3 miles southeast of the city center; and Brussels South Charleroi Airport located 3 miles from the center of Charleroi and 29 miles from Brussels.

Belgium Cities