Ötztal Car Hire

A Valley of Superlatives

Legend has it that the people of Ötztal received double the ration when God shared seismic Beauty. That goes a long way to maybe prove why so many Tirol’s superlative is cited in Ötztal, a valley which stretches from Inntal 67 kilometres to the south.

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OtztalÖtztal Highlights

Ötztal is home to the eastern Alps largest glaciers; the highest parish village named Obergurgl; the Stuibenfall, Tirol’s highest waterfall; and Lake Piburger, an especially beautiful natural gem and one of Tirol’s warmest swimming lakes. The Ötztal Alps boast some 53,000 meter high mountains, out of which 60 towers are higher than 3400 meters. Nowhere else in the region will you find a greater number of high mountains but Ötztal.

Ötztal – a haven for hikers

This city is surely not all about the big mountains; it is also a Hikers delight, across all levels. The pasturelands, mountain sides, and wild landslides amongst others, makes Ötztal a very unique hiking destination.

Ötztal’s Diversity

Whatever your reason for visiting Ötztal, the city offers something spectacular for you, be it the serene hidden mountains for a deep reflection or the lively winter sports resorts. The valley offers a large range of accommodation options ranging from inexpensive private accommodations to deluxe hotels.

Ötztal holiday resorts

Stretching from the valley to about 800 meters above sea level, each town is peculiar with its own attraction. Generally, locals here are welcoming and highly hospitable. The further you go into the town, the more pronounced the sporting scenery and the lifestyle.

Dry and Mild Climate

A Dry but mild climate welcomes you initially at the foot of the valley in Haiming. Cold north winds are obstructed by the Massif and the towering 3000 meters peaks mountains. As a result of this, Ozal is ranked as one of the driest regions in the Alps, and the villages of Sautens and Oetz.
If you continue to go down south, the atmosphere brightens. Near Umhausen and Liangenfied the valley widens and the green meadows surfaces. The roads continues further, and leads to the ski resorts of Solden and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

Right at the end of the valley, lies vast number of glaciers and peaks over 3000m. Including Wildspitze, the highest mountain in Tirol towering 3,768m. Whether you wish to relax or engage in adventurous activities – this city has got you covered as it offers something for all tastes, interests and ages.

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