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Klagenfurt Travel Guide

Klagenfurt or Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is a town located in southern Austria, initially established as a market town in 1161 and extremely popular for its picturesque lanes, old historical buildings, fashionable boutiques, galleries and cafes.

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Places to Visit

KlagenfurtHochosterwitz Castle

Towering about 160 metres , the magnificent Hochosterwitz Castle predominant features include the burgweg, some 620 metres long and popular for its 14 gates, and beautiful courtyard. Its quaint little chapel and fine ceiling paintings at the church dating back to 1729 are also a beauty to behold.

The Pilgrimage Church Of Maria Saal

St Mary’s Church located in Maria Saal is located on a hill ten kilometres north of Klagenfurt. It features a 16th century Keutschach Epitah displaying the Coronation of Our Lady. Other noticeable features are the Late Gothic Lantern of the Dead amongst others.

Neur Platz and the Dragon Fountain

The city’s most popular landmark is the majestic Dragon Fountain (lindwurmbrunnen). Legend has it that the city was erected on a swampy land once inhabited by a dragon. A green stone gives the massive sculpture a unique colour.

Why Visit

Klagenfurt, often depicted as the “rose of the lake Wörthersee ” is a haven for water sports lovers. It boasts of the largest lake in Lido Europe and a town centre designed by Italian architects in the 16th and 17th century.

The restaurants

Gasthaus Im Landhaushof is located in the Landhaus Building dating back to the 16th century. one of their best delicacies is the toasted rye bread topped with raw ham and scrambled egg. And a house specialty – ox tongue with root vegetables, fried potatoes with onions, creamed spinach and horseradish mixed with apple and chive sauce is a must try.

Restaurant Wienerwald best known for its classic Austrian meals including the Wiener schnitzel and a tasty and attractive chocolate pudding called Mohr im hend. If you want something tastier, try the half Chicken roasted on a spit. They also have a variety of vegetarian dishes too.

Molly Malone this is not a typical restaurant, rather an Irish pub cited right in the heart of Klagenfurt, with some very friendly and welcoming staff to make you feel at home. Standard meal includes Chicken Wings with Irish smoked salmon topped off with a cold bottle of Guinness. It gets even more fun as the day wears out.

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