Rental Cars in Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a beautiful Austrian village in Salzkammergut. Majority of Hallstatt’s alluring charm lies in its astonishing location on the narrow shores of the Hallstatter Sea, surrounded by the majestic Eastern Alps. This breathtaking scenery comes at a price as accessibility to the village is limited. En-route the village from the water, the reflection of the terraced wooden houses on the glassy water is a beauty to behold.

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HallstattThings to See and Do in Hallstatt

The city has a population of about 900 people and it covers a total area of 59.8. Whatever Hallstatt lacks in size, it more than augments for it in its beautiful scenery and wonderful architecture. Hallstatt is also the oldest mining town in Austria. The city is described  as “an outstanding example of a natural landscape of great beauty”.

Lake Hallstatt

Wandering around the tiny and cobbled streets of Lake Hallstatt is one of the high points of Hallstatt. The street is lined with picturesque houses in different styles, from the intelligently preserved timber homes to the pastel painted Baroque houses elegantly designed with flowers and greenery in the Old town area.

Hallstatt Market Square

The market square is arguably the best place to meet and connect with locals, admire the cultural attractions and have some great food and chilled drinks at the small open restaurants. Concerts, Corpus Christ procession and some other cultural events are held in the market annually.

Dachstein Ice Clave

Situated just on the other side of the lake form Hallstatt is the Dachstein Ice Clave, a UNESCO protected area. It has beautiful view underground as well as above. Asides hiking, cable cars are the popular transport system to access the cave. The century-old ice caverns, frozen cascades and icebergs makes it a popular attraction for visitors.

Where to Eat and Drink in Hallstatt

Hallstatt’s major restaurants and cafes are concentrated in its Market place or along its shores. With fresh fishes from its lake being the number one food on the menu, you are bound to enjoy the best seafood ever. However, Hallstatt offers a wide range of other traditional meals served by credible food establishments.

Where to Stay in Hallstatt

In terms of accommodation, visitors are spoilt for choice in Hallstatt, as there are lovely 5 star resorts, historic hotels and even perfectly family run mini hotels depending on the choice of the visitor.

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