Perth Car Rental

Upon completing a tour of Perth, you can decide to go further and explore other interesting attractions in the convenience of a cheap rental car. A great place to visit is the Margaret River, which is renowned for its fine wines and the Coral Coast, making it popular spot for whale watching and diving. There are several other tourists attractions that could tickle your fancy such as the Nambung national park, the town of Kalgoorlie which is a well known social hub for lovers of nature. Another famous tourist spot is the Monkey Mia resort located on the northern region of Perth. The resort is about 800km drive from Perth, but it is worth a visit as it offers beautiful scenery and also has a burning taste for wildlife. Monkey Mia houses many bottlenose dolphins and visitors can observe keenly the lifestyle of these animals, offering them the chance to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

Perth City Break Guide

Renowned for being one of the world’s most geographically isolated cities, Perth’s distinct location has earned it a reputation as a favorite tourist destination for those who like outdoor activities. Not only is the city home to some of the best beaches in Australia but also has plenty of restaurants and wine bars that have springing up due to the increasing number of population. Over 1,000 people migrate to the city weekly. Perth is one of the richest cities in Australia thanks to its mining industry. Here you find the world’s highest self-made millionaires. The city also features one of the best climates in Australia, soaking up about 3000 hours of sunshine annually.

Best Time to Visit

Perth is worth visiting all year round depending on your preference and reason for visiting. Rainfall is common during the winter months from June to August. Summer months are extremely hot regularly reaching mid to high 30°Cs(95-102°F). Those who love beach activities and intend savoring the typical Australian lifestyle, going to Perth during the spring, summer or autumn is a perfect decision. Perth has different activities that suit all people of all kinds including culture lovers, art lovers, outdoor enthusiast, beach goers amongst others.

Perth Nightlife

Perth is a bubbling area filled with several entertainment centers and nightlife spots. Weekend in Perth is usually busy and lively as hundreds of partygoers and revelers hop from one night spot to another during sunset. Top rated and highly patronized dance clubs can be found in Northbridge, Subiaco and Fremantle. Perth features a healthy indie rock scene. Some entertainment venues have their standard dress codes thereby prohibiting thongs (flip flops), vest-tops or shorts. Therefore, it is advisable to dress appropriately before heading out to these entertainment spots.

Flying To Perth

There are no direct flights to Perth from the UK, but there are other great options to choose from. Some airlines that offer non-direct flight but with just one stop over include Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Malaysian Airport, Singapore Airlines and much more. Affordable flight services are available between mid-April and mid-June. if you are coming from the USA, there will be a stopover in South-East Asia or in the Middle East.

Shopping In Perth

There are numerous options when it comes to shopping in Perth. The city offers a variety of shopping activities ranging from high-end boutiques to shopping centre stores to local art sellers, homemade craft stalls and lots of gourmand markets. Once you have satisfied yourself with the high street staples, you can head over to Wesley Quarter for an interesting scenery. Other notable place worth visiting includes Northbridge for classic handmade designs or Fremantle for its underground market.


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