Car Rental Hobart

Book a cheap car rental Hobart and begin your adventure into the rich historical heritage of the beautiful city at your own leisure. Hobart has a few cars on the road, hence an ideal place to enjoy thrilling, comfortable drive around town. When you book a cheap car rental Hobart from Right Car Hire to navigate this epic city, you can easily explore some of the best attractions Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania has to offer including Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, the Salamanca Market, Coal Valley Vineyard, Battery Point, and the Hobart Synagogue.

Planning a visit to Hobart, Tasminia’s Capital City

Hobart is one of the oldest state capitals in Australia with a rich historical past still evident in the lifestyle of its locals, festivals and colourfully renovated Georgian buildings. Hobart is divided into two by the sparkling Derwent River which flows from the southern Ocean. On the western side of the city is the main city while the east is a place to find smaller centers and suburbs. Here you will find the magnificent Mt Wellington which offers a great backdrop from the western side. Hobart is the perfect base to start exploring other fascinating parts of the region. The city is well known for its great restaurants, bars, breweries to satisfy your taste buds.

Why go

Sparsely populated with rich history and home to some of the majestic wilderness reserves in the world, Hobart is one of the most beautiful destinations in Australia. For visitors, the unique lifestyle, first class attractions, mild atmosphere and fabulous events year round will make your visit worthwhile. With a good road network, exploring the city in your cheap car rental Hobart makes it easier for you to get to your destination quickly and at your own convenience. It is possible to drive from one end of the island to the other within 24 hours. There is more than enough to see and do here. Thousands of people visit Hobart annually just to have a feel of its clean air, relax and take on new adventures. Hobart has never been more fun and entertaining, thanks to its uniqueness and compact nature.

The best time to go

Hobart is a year round destination but it is worthy of note to say the weather are unpredictable and winters can be extremely harsh. Before visiting Hobart, it is essential to plan ahead of time and come prepared for the notoriously changeable weather. The best time of the year to visit Hobart is during summer when you will you enjoy plenty of outdoor activities including sailing, hiking, mountain biking or just lazing up in the sun. At this time of the year, major events such as the Taste Festival and the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race takes place.


Hobart is one of the most law abiding destinations in Australia with low crime rates, but it is expected to tread carefully just as you would at home. Locals in Hobart are relaxed, friendly and welcoming, and they are ready to start a conversation with visitors. Tipping is not necessary but always appreciated.


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