Car Rental Canberra

Renowned as one of the biggest cities in Australia, Canberra is a must visit for everyone especially lovers of fun and pleasure. Due to its massive size, it is very important to book a cheap car hire so you can get around on your own schedule. The magnificent scenery and good road network makes car rental Canberra the most convenient way of see all the city has to offer. Highlights of every trip to this beautiful city include a day trip to Canberra Wine country, take a relaxing tour around the South Coast and enjoy the abundant opportunities for shopping. The city also offers varied outdoor activities including water sports and hiking. Regardless of the season of the year, booking a cheap car rental from Right Car Hire is the most convenient way of exploring the city.


Located in the Australian Capital Territory in the south-east of New South Wales, Canberra is a great city that features several monuments, art galleries, attractions and great hotel. If you are looking for a great vacation destination in Australia where you can enjoy great outdoor activities, then Canberra is just the place for you. Founded in 1913  as the capital for the newly federated Australian nation, Canberra is a beautifully designed city with plenty of attractive architecture, and impressive buildings.


The city is divided into two by Lake Burley Griffin. On the northern part of the city, you will find the Civic, which houses the central shopping and commercial area, while the south side is home to the parliamentary triangle and embassy area. About 400,000 people calls Canberra home. There are also several impressive museums in this beautiful city where you can learn more about the city’s rich history including the National Museum of Australia and the Australian War Memorial on the north side and the National Library and National Gallery of Australia on the south side.


A good number of people living in Canberra are majorly expats or those who moved to study there. Majority of the people living in Canberra usually come to work for a couple of years and then return to their hometown or relocate to a different location entirely. Since most of the locals spend little time getting to know the city, it will be sometimes difficult to find a local who can confidently give you directions to your destination around the city. Therefore, it is advisable to have a map handy. Locals in Canberra are generally friendly, easy going and fun to be with and are also rated among the highest income earners in Australia

Nature and Scenery

Unofficially crowned a bush capital, Canberra offers plenty of things to see and do. The city is home to lots of hiking paths that offer a great vantage point to catch stunning views of the city. These hiking paths are worth exploring and also easily accessible by foot or by car. Wildlife creatures can be seen in the surrounding nature reserves. However, there are some wildlife that occasional venture into the suburbs especially Kangaroos. It is most definitely a sight you will relish for a lifetime. Some of the great spots where you can enjoy great natural scenery at its best include Australian National Botanic Garden, where you will find the largest collection of Australian native flora; Canberra Reptile Zoo, which features a wide range of Australian reptiles and National Zoo and Aquarium, which offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the Australian animals.


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