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Most visitors to Cairns and its surrounding regions begin their trip form Cairns Airport. Book an Australian car rental from Right Car Hire to start enjoying all the natural wonders and attractions Cairns has to offer. The astonishing areas surrounding Cairns offers plenty of things to do and it s best explored with a Cairns car hire. Do not miss out on the opportunity of hiring a cheap Cairns car hire with Right Car Hire as you can drive in style and comfort to any destination of your choice.

Recognized as the gateway to northern Queensland in Australia, Cairns is one of the most beautiful tropical cities in the world with plenty of things to do and see. From here visitors have the opportunity to visit some of the top attractions in Australia including the Daintree rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulations and so much more. The city is filled with plenty of roses making the atmosphere ooze with sweet rose fragrances. With so many interesting things to do, your trip to Cairns will be worth the visit. In order to get the most of the trip to this beautiful city, it is advisable to plan a very long stay, a week at most. Despite its small size, the city will leave you wanting more.

Budget tips

  • Cairns is one of the most affordable travel destinations in the world. As a budget traveler looking to enjoy your stay in the city at the most affordable rate, follow these money savings tips.
    Cairns have plenty of tourist traps that attract thousands of tourists annually. The best way to see and do all that the city has to offer without having to be a drag on your budget, you should consider booking tours with a company. By so doing, you will save more and spend less.
  • A large part of the population living in Cairns are expats. You can decide to work for your room as most hostels are always hiring new people to work for them. And for this reason, Cairns is one of the best places with cheap accommodation options if you are planning to stay in Australia for an extended period of time.
  • Eating can sometimes be very expensive. Rather than eating in luxury restaurants, there are plenty of sandwich shops around where you can keep enjoy great tasting meals on a budget. Cook meals yourself to save more.

About Cairns

Founded in 1876, the city was named after William Wellington Cairns, who served as the governor of Queensland at that time. Located about 1,700km from Brisbane and around 2,700 km from Sydney, Cairns is renowned for being North Queensland’s agricultural hub exporting produce such as gold, sugar cane and other agricultural products. One of the reasons why Cairns has turned out to be a popular destination for local visitors and tourists alike is its tropical climate and stunning landscape. It also serves as the gateway to some of the most popular attractions in the city including Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

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