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Due to its famous cities, spectacular landscapes and relaxed lifestyle, Australia draws millions of international visitors every year. Due to the large influx of tourists and business travelers to Australia, the best way to explore Australia in your cheap car rental. With a car hire Australia, visitors can easily get out and explore the various attractions and hidden gems the city has to offer. You can drive to the wine producing areas, visit the many beaches and explore the finest attractions in the country including Sydney Harbour, and Sydney Opera House at your own convenience. Australia is home to several spectacular drives and good road networks, and for this reason it is regarded by many as a destination made for driving.

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Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations across the globe, attracting a large number of people looking to start a new life. Australia is a country, an island and a continent. It is the world’s smallest continent and the world’s 6th largest country after Russia, Canada, China, USA, and Brazil. This relatively small island is divided into six states and two territories. Canberra is the capital city is Australia


Australia is a country with a large number of its population living around its coastline. Australia is home to lots of beautiful beaches and reefs that attracts plenty of divers and surfers across the world including Bondi Beach, Great Barrier Reef and Surfers Paradise. On the southeastern side of the country are the Australian Alps. Mount Kosciusko, the country’s highest mountain, is one of the best places to visit during summer months for hiking and skiing during winter season. The northern part of Australia features mild weather and lovely rainforests due to its proximity to the tropics. Australia is also home to lots of farmlands growing rice, wheat and other farm products for consumption locally and abroad.


Australia is well known for its crystal clear beaches and mild weather. The country features all kinds of climates and landscape including rainforests, tropical, temperate climate, sea, great sun and much more.


Australia is fast becoming a modern market economy. The country is known for having one of the world’s finest economies with low inflation (2-3%), high growth and low interest rates (5-6%). With an active government, highly competitive business environment and a flexible labor market, Australia enjoys a high standard of living. The major sector of the Australian economy are service, agriculture and mining. Australia is also one of the major exporter of agricultural products, gas and several minerals, especially gold and iron-ore. The official currency is the Australian dollar (AU$).


Australia is one of the friendliest nations in the world where people can settle down and find employment easily. Home to more than 20 million people, a large number of the Australian population are in the major cities, particularly in the southeastern and eastern parts of the country. Australians are also famous for their relaxed lifestyle as they enjoy going to the beaches.

Getting in

Australia has plenty of international airports including Adelaide Airport. Located just 6 km from the city center, Adelaide Airport is one of the best airports in the country serving thousands of flights to major cities across the world annually. It is fifth largest and one of the busiest airports in Australia fully equipped with great facilities. The airport serves over 8 million international travelers every year. This duel terminal has won plenty of awards including ‘the second best airport in the world being operated internationally’ for its amazing features, state of the art facilities and high quality services offered to passengers flying in and out of the country.


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