7 Car Rental Tips All Travelers Should Know

Renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to travel around the country or abroad. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, renting a car can become a great way to travel freely and save a considerable amount of money. You can find a vehicle that’s ideal for your journey at rightcarhire.co.uk.  Right Car Hire will help you arrange your bookings and reservations, as well as find the most suitable vehicle for your travel. Do you need a spacious van for a whole family or something more durable like a Jeep? Right Car Hire has everything and more! Here are few things you need to consider when renting a car.

Renting a car at the airport

Airport Car RentalIt’s always smart to choose a car rental service that’s located out of the airport. This way you will avoid any unnecessary surcharges and will save a considerable amount of money. Remember that many car rental companies can also provide you with transportation to and from the airport so there’s no need to pay more.

Avoid buying extra insurance

If you have your own auto insurance policy it may very well cover any collision damage for your rental car. Paying for your car with a credit card also has its perks because there’s credit card coverage that will help you with anything your personal policy doesn’t cover.

Prepay for gas

Prepaying for gas has its pros and cons. On one hand you save a lot of time, yet on the other you might not use that whole tank of the gas you buy. Yet keep it in mind you can find a place with cheaper gas and fill up there saving a lot of money on frequent fill-ups at various places where price may vary.

Shop around as much as you can

There’s a whole bunch of services (like rightcarhire.co.uk) that allow you to compare prices and choose the best option for your travels. You can also look for coupons to find even cheaper vehicles. This is not the time to take the ‘one-and-done’ approach, so it’s better to do your research beforehand.

Make a thorough inspection

It’s always a good idea to inspect your car as thoroughly as possible. Otherwise you might end up paying for damage you didn’t cause. Look for dents or scratches on the body of the car. All stains, tears and spills should be accounted for. Everything should be listed on the car condition form and if not – you should immediately report it.

Don’t pay extra for a car seat or GPS

Some companies may charge $10 or more per day for using GPS, but do you really want to pay that money when you can easily use the GPS on your smartphone? Portable GPS is yet another option that will save you some money.

Return the car on time

Any company will charge you an extra fee for returning your car late. Some may give you a ‘grace period’ of half an hour, but you may end up paying a considerable sum for your negligence. Always make sure you’re not late with the return of your car.